Rules for the Ask Boogey Forum (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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Rules for the Ask Boogey Forum (READ BEFORE POSTING) Empty Rules for the Ask Boogey Forum (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Post by Boogey on Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:31 am

Hello everyone. Here are some rules to follow on the forum. It will make everyone feel better.

If you have any questions as far as "should I post this" or what to post/not to post, feel free to send me a private message. I'd hate to delete your post. Also, remember the rule of thumb: if you think you shouldn't post it, don't post it.

The rules are as follows
1. Don't act crazy. Don't be a nincompoop. Debating some topics is always allowed. (see 1b). However, racism/sexism/discrimination is NOT allowed Mad
1b. Do not discuss controversial topics. Pretty simple. This includes political opinions.
2. Show respect to everyone.
3. Keep stuff on topic. If it doesn't make sense where it is, I will move it. However if it is obvious you have placed it in the wrong place, disciplinary actions will be taken. Please keep stuff on topic in the forum that you are posting it in.
4. Keep it PG Nothing "crazy"

The DO and DON'T BOX
Remember the human Do something illegal
Use proper grammar/spelling Post personal information
Keep titles on-topic Repost deleted information (this will be a problem)
(this means opinion-free
Post in the appropriate place Be rude, intentional or not

I reserve the right to update these rules whenever I see fit, with or without warning.

TL;DR: Use common sense. Act like you are talking to your mother.

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